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Last weekend we got really lucky, the sun was shining bright and, though we’re in February, it felt like spring. We visited the city and spend Saturday in a vineyard, where we were served the best lunch and were given a tour of the cellars. It was the perfect way to prepare for classes that started on Monday.




Deolinda is the new “thing” in Portuguese music. They get their inspiration from Portuguese folk and popular music, from Portuguese singers from the 70s, and from protest songs from the times of the 1974 revolution. Their visuals too are not at all high-tech – they rather look at folk imagery and give it a twist. The students dressed up and we went to Deolinda’s show at Coliseu dos Recreios, an 1890 concert hall that is used for all sorts of music shows. We had the box right next to the president’s. He wasn’t there – his bad luck.TypePad Conversations » Answer this question!