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1 posts from February 2014


Spring 14, February Newsletter



Greetings to all from the CIEE Study Center at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

Your students have arrived, completed their orientation program, and are about to finish their 2-week, intensive language course, which is a mandatory feature of our program. They have also had a chance to start adjusting to their new homestays or dorm and to become acquainted with their new neighborhoods. Here are a few of Lisbon's peculiarities they have been discovering:


Lisbon is a city of many hills and sometimes you need to climb a few (or many) steps. Cobblestones are the rule for sidewalks and they're very slippery when it rains. Tiles cover many building façades and they are also often used as interior decoration.


Graffiti has become a very popular form of public artistic expression and it has taken over many old, abandoned buildings and warehouses. Artists often used them to call attention to or express their views of current issues.


Keys are an invariable source of puzzlement for our students. I don’t really know why…


And finally, no Portuguese meal is really over without something sweet to give it closure. “Pasteis de Belém” are a must. The pastry shop in the photograph has been making them since 1837.