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3 posts from March 2012


Terrace with a view

This post is by Natalie (University of Colorado at Boulder).


This is one of my favorite spots in Lisbon. I ventured up to Mirador de Graca with my new Portuguese friend João to see what I think is the best look out point in Lisboa. You can see just about everything from this magical spot. I was able to capture the beauty of the setting sun as it rests over the Ponte 25 de Abril, and then again when all of the city lights turn on at night. Lisboa just keeps taking my breath away with every passing day.




Seminar on Living and Learning


The Seminar on Living and Learning is a space of guided reflection where students consider various aspects of their time abroad. We are halfway through our spring SLL and we’ve had a blast in the past few weeks! We’ve talked about values, goals and experiences during the first half of the program. A lot more is still to come, but we can definitely say that immersion has made everyone think about details on their life here and about themselves.

Today, we will meet and discuss “Perceptions”. I can’t wait to find out what their perceptions of Portugal and the USA are. They’ll have a surprise activity before leaving the classroom. I can tell you that it’s a really cool one!

The weather has been so nice that one of these days we will get out of the classroom and discuss on the patio. Spring has sprung!

Luisa (Resident Coordinator and SLL instructor)



The Zoo

Lisbon's zoo has been renovated and we went there to see the new features. It didn't take much to convince Harmony and Marjorie to pet the dolphins. The reptile section was not as popular...